Well, I can tell you what this one does!

Gets a major leak fixed?  Check!

ceiling hole cut - cropped  20140220_114455_resized

Meets the fire inspector and changes out the main battery?   Check!

Fire Battery

Hires cleaning people to get a property ready for new tenants?   Check!


Oversees removal of old propane tanks and pool house?  Check!

PH before  gas capped

3 gas tanks gas tank fence

Learns about turkey vultures and their protected eggs?  Check!

turkey vulture

Wait, what?  Yes, you read that right.

When a landlord hires me to help keep their investment property in tip top shape, I never know what challenges I might encounter.  So in addition to the regular everyday items like meeting the washer repair technician or ensuring that lawn care and snow removal happen, I handle major projects by getting competitive bids and overseeing the work.  And sometimes I get to call NJ wildlife to help us manage turkey vultures!

It’s all about treating every property as if it were my own, making sure that both landlord and tenant have a good experience.

If you have a residential rental property or know someone who does, consider using  Somerset Hills Property Management to help keep it in great shape.

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