Think again! Introducing a series of true experiences from my own files. I’ll provide an example every week or so about one of my service areas:

  • Residential Rental Management for Landlords
  • Home Watch for Home Owners
  • Prepping a Home for Sale or Rent for Sellers
  • Service for Your Own Home or Small Office for Home Owners

If you are a Landlord:

Another tenant called at 7 AM on a cold winter day to describe “water coming through the ceiling from the 2nd floor bath”. After advising him to turn off the main water supply, I called plumbing and mold remediation companies and met them on site. The problem was a frozen sanitary pipe. We were able to fix the problem, get the water cleared up, sanitize and proceed with drywall replacement and carpet cleaning.  The landlord in Texas was very appreciative!

Do you know a landlord who lives oout of the area and needs my help? Have them get in touch – [email protected]