Think again! Introducing a series of true experiences from my own files. I’ll provide an example every other week or so about one of my service areas:

  • Residential Rental Management
  • Home Watch
  • Prepping a Home for Sale or Rent
  • Service for Your Own Home or Small Office

If you don’t have time to manage your home as well as you’d like:

A busy customer (she and her husband both own/run businesses) with a large home needs many tasks done on a biannual or annual basis – scheduling pool opening and closing, outdoor furniture moved in and out of storage, septic cleaning, window washing – as well as many special projects. These range from steam shower repair, shower door replacement, Verizon FIOS installation, patio umbrella/furniture replacement, new drapery rods throughout the home and so much more. I schedule and ensure that all is completed to their satisfaction.

Do you know someone who could use help managing their home so that they can enjoy their free time? Have them get in touch – [email protected]