I recently underwent the process of having to identify and select a new property manager for my home as a result of my longstanding (nearly 4 years) property manager’s decision to move out of state.  I was quite concerned about how difficult it would be to find a new person to fill the shoes of someone who had proven themselves capable of earning my trust and managing my home in an outstanding manner while I have lived (and continue to live) overseas.

I am fortunate to have found Joan Triano, Owner of Somerset Hills Property Management, who has very quickly established herself as being extremely capable and very professional in her approach to managing my 4 BR single family home on a large piece of property.  I should add that we have water and basement management systems and a creek nearby that tends to “expand” with heavy rains.

What has impressed me most about Joan is how organized, systematic and thorough she has been in assuming the role.  From the documentation of the critical specifications to manage our home, to the way she manages the process of competitive bidding, selection of the contractor, oversight of the work performed on our property, the invoicing process – there are no details that Joan leaves uncovered.  Joan is very diligent in communicating – whether it is “just for information” or to help me make a decision – in a very proactive and timely manner.  During the recent Hurricane Sandy event, Joan did everything she could to assist with the preparedness to protect our home and also in the aftermath to ensure it was back in good shape for me and for our tenant.  This has given me peace of mind and confidence that my investment and tenant are well looked after, despite that I live on a different continent and in a different time zone.

Joan has not only made the transition a smooth and successful one, she has also earned my trust as someone who manages my property as if it was her own.

 David S June 2013