We are very pleased to heartily recommend Joan and her company, Somerset Hills Property Management.  We have lived in the area for twenty years, and only wish we had met her sooner. Joan has been “home watching” for us for two years now. We are “Snowbirds” who live half of the year locally and half of the year in the south.

Joan’s attention to detail, her ability to anticipate possible problems (before they have a chance to occur) along with her exceptional level of personal service is unsurpassed.  We always feel safe leaving our home for months at a time knowing Joan is taking care of things.  She has even met repair people to take care of things while we are gone so that we come home to completed work!  We have hired other companies and individuals in the past, and my husband and I agree that no other service company has ever come close to the level of quality and professionalism that Somerset Hills Property management provides.

 I’d like to mention that I have worked in the past as a Property Manager (in NYC) as well as a real estate salesperson in New Jersey and NYC, and am somewhat familiar with what is involved.  Joan is more than a cut above what one expects. Thank you, Joan.

Liz and Bill O. February 2014