Joan, I would like to take a minute to thank you for many things.  We met several years ago at a networking meeting of business professionals.  I had just started the group and when you joined, it made the group a better venture.  You made us become accountable for our time and values and I will never forget it.  The way you conduct business with honesty and dedication is to be admired by those fortunate enough to share in the experience.

Here we are years later and we have shared many referrals back and forth.  You continue to exemplify your professionalism and I must admit that I changed the way I conduct my business as a result of your model example of conduct.  I have heard nothing but accolades from the clients I referred.  They are most impressed by your accurate accounting of their property and your incredible attention to detail.

I will continue to pass your name along with great confidence and to share your name and business model with other professionals in the real estate industry.

Thank you for being all that you are, both personally and professionally.  I wish you continued success in your business.

Lee O. Realtor