A Saint !!  An absolute Saint.   As kids, we had the difficult task of moving our elderly parents from a large, beautiful, but run-down property in Basking Ridge to a retirement facility in MA, from long distance.   We learned of Somerset Hills Property Management from our appointed Realtor.  The owner, Joan, was kind enough to take on our project, and little did we know then what we would throw at her.  Soon after moving the parents out after 46 years there, she took total control of doing everything we wanted done to dispose of household goods, identified, catalogued and photographed furniture items, loading them onto local sites and selling them.  When the house went under contract, she met every inspector, contractor, and coordinated a huge variety of projects like having the oil tank removed and replaced, completing asbestos remediation, readied the house to meet fire inspectors, etc.  She had valuable items packaged and shipped to the kids, coordinated donation pickups and receipts, emptied the house of all items, had a great home cleaning service prep the house, and helped smooth over relations with the new owners.

We put a lot of demands on her, and at times with very short timeframes, and every single time everything was done with great efficiency, professionalism, and excellent communication, all at a very reasonable cost.  What an incredible support she provided us!  It just shows us that no project is too large for her, and her caring ability and enthusiasm for everything we threw at her, made her an invaluable asset.  We are proud to recommend her!

 Bill L and Laurie G August 2014