Blue House in Snow

When you’re away for an extended period of time (2 weeks or more), it is smart to take some steps so that your home appears “lived in”.  Here are just a few:

√ Put outdoor lights on sensors instead of timers so they come on at dusk and go off at dawn as if you are home (better than timers – no need to change for the seasons)
√ Put at least 2 timers on interior lights and have someone change times periodically (unless you use sensors)
√ Ensure that lawn care and snow removal is performed
√ Have someone check for free newspapers, phone books, etc., that may be delivered without your knowledge
√ Put 5 year batteries in smoke detectors
√ Put valuables in a safety deposit box
√ Tell at least one neighbor of your plan even if you hire a property manager
√ Take pictures of the interior and exterior

And do consider hiring a property manager – having someone check water heaters, furnaces, doors, sump pumps, etc., can save you much money and many headaches!

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