Or should your Property Manager provide this regular maintenance for your residential rental? Great question! You want to ensure that the filters get changed every 3 or 6 months (at the most). Your tenant will have a better air quality experience, your furnace will work more efficiently and it will tend to last longer.

And if you have a tenant who is responsible, you might be very tempted to ask them to do this (and even make it a clause in your lease). But is there a down side?

Oh yes. How can you be sure that they will actually change the filters, even if you supply them? A quiet tenant who rarely calls you sounds like a dream. Yet I’ve had clients whose tenants never complained about issues. When they moved out, the Landlord was faced with a list of items to fix (before they hired me, of course).

As a Property Manager (and a Landlord), I highly recommend that the Property Manager obtain and change the filters. This ensures that this important maintenance takes place and it gives your Property Manager a good reason to visit the home. If there is a “No Pet” clause in the lease yet they see a litter box? Issue!

Think about hiring a Property Manager to take care of your rental property. Every dollar you spend will result in money saved in the long run.

If you have a residential rental property or know someone who does, consider using Somerset Hills Property Management for Rental Management.  We help Landlords maintain their property and take care of issues as they arise, protecting their investment.