Think again! In the continuing series of true experiences from my own files. I’ll provide an example every week or so about one of my service areas:

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  • Home Watch
  • Prepping a Home for Sale or Rent
  • Service for Your Own Home or Small Office

I spent last weekend at my 35th college reunion. Different than other ones where classmates were dealing with high school or college age children, this time there was a lot of discussion about two types of moves:

  1. Helping elderly parents move out of the family home
  2. Deciding whether to downsize their own home

I am sure that many of you are struggling with the same decisions and tasks. And it can be hard to know where to start.

Somerset Hills Property Management can help! We are able to work with your Realtor to get that list of “To Dos” done so that the house presents in a better light and sells more quickly. This can be anything from hiring handymen, plumbers, painters, etc. to working with appraisers of fine art and furnishings, assisting in pickup of donations and haul away of items for disposal.

Removing these burdens from your task list is what we do!

Do you know someone who is planning to sell or rent their home? Have them get in touch – [email protected]

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