A Guide for Landlords in the Somerset Hills

Somerset Hills Property Management is excited to introduce the Landlords Corner – a place for potential and current landlords to get tips and advice on the best way to own and manage an investment rental property.Our resources and suggestions can save you time and money!

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Top 5 Tips for New Landlords

Top 5 Tips for New Landlords

Top 5 Tips for New Landlords Calculate ALL of your fixed costs to ensure that you can afford the property as a rental: Mortgage principal, interest (if applicable) and property taxes Monthly Association fees if applicable Ditto on water and/or sewer if not...

Think You Don’t Need a Property Manager? #9

Think again! In the continuing series of true experiences from my own files. I’ll provide an example every week or so about one of my service areas: Residential Rental Management Home Watch Prepping a Home for Sale or Rent Service for Your Own Home or Small Office...

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Think You Don’t Need a Property Manager? #8

Why Not Have A Relative or Neighbor Manage My Property? Think again.  I’m often asked this by potential clients. On the surface, it seems like a great idea, right?  But if you dig a bit deeper, you’ll see why hiring a professional property manager is the smarter way...

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