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Ready a House for Sale/Rent

Putting your house up for sale but need to get a punch list done? Or maybe you have damage from a previous tenant that you need to get fixed before renting the house/condo again?
Perhaps you are moving out of the area and putting your place up for rent, but have a long list of items to complete before you can do that?

One aspect of the business is to help in these situations. Here are some projects undertaken recently:

House for Sale/Elderly Owners:

  • Removed old underground oil tankoil tank
  • Asbestos remediation
  • Had rugs and furniture professionally valued
  • Shipped some family “heirlooms” (including a chair!)
  • Sold outdoor furniture and other household goods on Facebook (100% proceeds to owner)
  • Donated items to Habitat for Humanity – photographed and arranged pickup
  • Had “junk” hauled away
  • Readied for fire inspection/scheduled/met inspector
  • Professionally cleaned

Condo Damage from Tenant/Owner Remote in France:

  • Water damage destroyed laminate floor – removed, dried and mold remediation
  • Dishwasher replacedwindow1
  • Utilities re-activated
  • Replacement of flooring
  • Repair of 2 leaking toilets which caused ceiling damage – repaired
  • Screen door replaced
  • Bee hole repaired
  • Wall damage repaired and repainted
  • Bi-fold doors repaired
  • Fan light kit replaced
  • Sink stopper unclogged and replaced
  • Showers/tubs re-caulkednew window (2)
  • Storage shed emptied
  • Patio weeded
  • Filed Landlord Registration with township
  • Readied for fire inspection/scheduled/met inspector
  • Broken window replaces according to association guidelines
  • Professionally cleaned

Condo prepped for Rent/Owner Moved to Australia:

  • Analyzed items needing repairbox and clips
  • Removed hazardous waste and took to pickup day
  • Repairs to hot water heater and electrical
  • Construction inspections arranged and handled
  • Filed Landlord Registration with township
  • Readied for fire inspection/scheduled/met inspector
  • Had screen door repaired
  • Reset garage door remotes and keypad
  • Deposited security and 1st month’s rent checks
  • Sent mail to owner

Our goal is to make sure you think of all the things you need to do and help get them done! We charge by the hour for these project services and will help in any way that we can. For references on project work, click here.

Call or email with any specifics or questions.

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