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New Vernon is an unincorporated community located within Harding Township in Morris CountyNew Jersey. The community is within the boundaries of Harding Township along with a portion of Green Village.

During what has been called the “hard winter” of 1779-80, Henry Wick’s 1,400-acre Jockey Hollow farm served as campgrounds for George Washington and the Continental Army. They cut down some 600 trees to build cabins and provide fuel for fires. More than 100 soldiers died and are buried on the property north of the Wick House. This is also where Mr. Wick’s daughter, Temperance, hid her horse from mutinous soldiers who tried to steal it from her, thus becoming a young hero of the Revolutionary War.

Large Homes and Acreage Need Home Watch

Home to industrialists, politicians and Fortune 500 executives, Harding Township has long been considered one of New Jersey’s most exclusive areas. Some families have been in this Morris County township of 3,800 residents for generations, and they have worked to preserve the historic and bucolic nature of the place. Horse-crossing signs are a common site in Harding Township, which covers more than 20 square miles. Many properties include permanent easements for the public horse trail that runs through much of the township.

Most of the homes are large and sit on lots of more than three acres, although there are two townhouse developments. And in the Mount Kemble Lake community, 96 bungalows and cottages, some dating to the 1920s, sit on the banks of the lake.

Some owners spend time away or have several buildings on large acreage. Many require maintenance and grounds services as well. Somerset Hills Property Management is the perfect solution by assisting owners with Home Watch, ensuring that uninhabited properties remain safe and maintained.

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