Blue House in Snow

Tenants always have choices, even in a tight market, and will hesitate to rent if they feel that a landlord doesn’t take care of the property.  Hey, if the landlord doesn’t care, why should they?  So take these steps before your new tenant moves in to make a good impression and lengthen the life of your rental!

√ Make sure that all plumbing fixtures are drip-free.  A dripping faucet is a sure sign that the landlord lets things slide.
√ Have the unit professionally cleaned.  Everywhere.  Yes, bathrooms and kitchens are the first places that are “noticed” but there is nothing worse than opening closets and seeing dirt and dust on shelves or the floor.  Ditto for windows and sills.  Yuck.  And don’t forget the oven!
√ Ditto on any carpeted areas.  It might look clean, but you’d be surprised how much dirt is in that there carpet!  This is especially important if pets were in the unit.
√ Have the heating and air conditioning units serviced.  This ensures no surprises when a new tenant moves in.  Better yet – sign up for a contract so that regular service takes place every six months.  This will help with efficiency of the units, provide for cleaner air with filter changes and will save you money on repairs/replacements in the long run.
√ Paint the unit.  Fresh, new, clean.  Need I say more?
√ Change the locks.  Sure, your prior tenants were upstanding, law abiding citizens.  But not knowing how many keys were made and to whom they were given can be a source of distress for a new tenant.  Be on the safe side.
√ Consider hiring a property manager who can make repair appointments and oversee work.  These costs reduce your tax impact from the rental income and certainly free up your time.

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