Does my Township Need to Know That I Have a Rental Property?


Actually, it is the state that needs to know and the municipality “collects” the information.  Additionally, you must provide a copy of the form to your tenant – do both within 30 days.

Why Do It?

Well, it is the law and it’s a great idea to stay on the right side of it!  By complying, it helps townships and municipalities enforce fire and housing codes, keeping everyone safe.  It also provides protection for both landlords and tenants, covering everything from the proper deposit of security funds and displaced tenants’ rights to correct eviction procedures.

What If I Don’t?

If you don’t register the property, the court cannot enter a judgment to evict the tenant.  At best, the procedures will be delayed up to 90 days and the eviction time clock starts all over again.  And you may be without rental income, especially if the eviction is based on nonpayment of rent.

Some municipalities may have other fines and/or penalties for non-compliance too.

Where Do I Get These???

Here are links  (as of March 2016) for some local townships for both Landlord Registrations and Smoke Detector/CO2 inspections. When in doubt – call! And for more information, you can do a Google Search for N.J.S.A. 46:8-27: 

Bedminster Township          Bedminster Landlord Certificate of Registration         Bedminster Fire

Bernardsville                       Bernardsville Residential Rental Property Registration  (Annual)

Bernardsville Fire Inspection

Bernards Township             Bernards Township Landlord’s Registration                Bernards Township Fire Inspection

Bridgewater Township         Statement of Landlord                                                  Bridgewater Fire

Chester                                Chester Landlord Registration

Harding Township               Harding Township Landlord Registration                       Harding Township Fire Inspection

Mendham                            Mendham Township Landlord Registration                    Mendham Fire Inspection

Morristown                          Morristown Landlord Registration

Warren                                Warren Landlord Registration                                          Warren Fire Inspection

Passing this information along to your landlords is a great way to reinforce your relationship with them – they’ll know that you continue to have their best interests in mind!

And you can also recommend that they hire a professional property manager who will make sure that the right service people come in on a regular schedule and keep the rental running smoothly!