In My Own Backyard!

One of the best things about starting my own business has been the opportunity to learn about my own community.  When I worked in corporate, I was often on the road and with my other obligations, didn’t seem to have the time to investigate many of our local treasures....

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New Service – Project Work Now Available!

This summer, opportunity knocked and I answered!  I did some project work for an elderly couple that was selling their home – their 4 adult children couldn't help because they were all remote.  This has opened up a new aspect of my business for which I charge hourly –...

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Update to Landlord Registration Links

Oh why do townships change their links?  Actually, this is a great excuse to remind you about this important task you must do as a landlord in NJ.  And I've added links to additional towns and to their fire inspection requirements when there is a new tenant. Passing...

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Somerset County Things To Do (And Many Are Free)!

How many of you know about and take advantage of the many park and nature offerings in Somerset County?  We have a wealth of places to go relax, hear music, play golf, ride horses, take walks and just enjoy life here!One place to start looking is...

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Loving the Libraries!

I am a frequent visitor at the 3 local libraries that we are fortunate to have – Bernards Township, Bernardsville and Clarence Dillon (in Bedminster).  I borrow books, TV shows (addicted to Doc Martin, Call the Midwife and Downton Abbey!) and movies and try to attend...

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How Have Rentals Done Over the Last 3 Years?

With the real estate market going through fluctuations since 2008, I thought it would be interesting to see what happened in the following towns in terms of rentals over $3000/month.So what does that mean to you as a prospective landlord?  With fewer rentals available...

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Doing It All Yourself?

I love figuring out how to fix something or find something – the “I can do it myself” syndrome.  And to some extent, it’s a good thing.  It makes me research, push myself, perhaps learn something new and gives me a sense of accomplishment which can be a great...

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What Does a Property Manager Do Anyway?

Well, I can tell you what this one does! Gets a major leak fixed?  Check!    Meets the fire inspector and changes out the main battery?   Check! Hires cleaning people to get a property ready for new tenants?   Check! Oversees removal of old propane tanks and pool...

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